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Phase 1 Nursery


Our Learning Experiences 2019-2020

The Summer Term is like no other!

Welcome to Lockdown 2020


Lots of thinking and sorting based on Rod Campbell stories

Sorting animals in lots of different ways
Sorting zoo animals
Sorting zoo and farm animals
Great thinking!
Sorting all animals!
Picture puzzle based on 'Presents'
Another creative picture puzzle.
Painting animals!

This week we have been looking at books by David McKee

A new robot design for Bernard!
A 3D robot for Bernard
A great robot toy!
Colour mixing a toucan beak
Great toucan research and picture
Practising writing 'm's.
Good 'm' formation and objects beginning with 'm'
A brilliant Elmer picture
And another!
Careful colouring!
Now that is getting crafty!
Brilliant 3D Elmer!  Good job!

We have been learning lots of things at home

Making a sandwich
Hmm delicious!
Cooking in the kitchen
Exploring objects in water
This bottle floats!
floating and sinking
Making friendship bracelets
We made lots of them!
Collaging outside in the sunshine
Kim's Game
Finding objects beginning with 't'
Beautifully coloured pictures
Mood paintings
Drawing my favourite things and writing a 'g'
A zig-zag book about my day
Counting objects and matching the number
Ordering objects by weight
Ordering objects by height
Ordering objects by size
Creating spy pictures with invisible writing
Mark making
Practising letters
Learning prepositions
Getting creative making worry dolls
and sock puppets
Creating shapes with play doh
Caring for our plants
Exploring in a homemade sandpit!

We have been learning Makaton signs too!

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Curious, hungry, bored

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Welcome to the Spring Term

A Busy Week, Inside and Outside

Exploring sounds to make words
Creating and sticking 2D shapes.
I love drawing!
Cream came to visit this week1
Big tools needed for this mud pie.
Off we go!
Swinging high!
Building the highest tower

We said good bye to the ducklings and hello to World Book Day

Ducklings enjoyed their run outside.
One final good bye before they had to leave.
Rainbow Mega Tunnel was great fun!
Quick as a flash!
A Year 6 mentor organised a show!
Watching the 'Three Little Pigs'
Winnie the Witch
A dinosaur from 'Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish'
Snow White
A pirate
Another pirate
Captain America
Another Captain America
A very cool Peter Rabbit

The Ducklings have arrived!

Reading a story to the hatching eggs
Checking on the newly hatched ducklings
Holding the ducklings carefully
Time for a swim
Shaking tail feathers to dry off
Helping to get him dry
Mark making in the garden
Potting up the tomato seedlings
Drilling a hole in the compost for each seedling
Planting a row of onions in the allotment
More onion planting

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling!

Preparing the tins with stones for drainage.
Adding compost to each tin
Carefully putting in the tomato seeds
These ones are plum tomato seeds
Adding water to keep them moist
Filling our soup containers with compost
Adding peas to each container
Now time for some fun in the sun

Moving, moving, moving

'Holding carefully to the ball.'
'Very speedy!"
Listening to our SUFC trainers.
"Put the ball on your foot."
Balancing on trails created themselves.
Scooping and collecting
Pouring and blending

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Happy Lunar New Year!

"It's going to be a dragon!"
"This is fun!"
Adding lots of detail
Printing shapes using lots of colours
"Off we go!"
We paraded through the school
We made a lot of noise!
Everyone clapped us in assembly

Keep on Moving!

Follow the trail!
Soups, pies and cakes on the menu
Writing numbers in family group time

Developing Gross and Fine Motor Skills

SUFC trainers came to the nursery this week
Great moving around the outdoor space
Listening well to instructions
Welcome to our new starters this week
Mark making in the sand
Practising numbers
Practising letters

Fun at the End of Term Party

Fancy a game of musical statues?
Baby shark is always popular!
Musical Bumps!
Playing pass the parcel
Taking a break from dancing!
Lots of lovely food for everyone!

Family Christmas Events this week

Lots more counting this week

Matching the numbers with the ones in the garden
Practising counting out groups of objects
Practising 1:1 counting
Comparing two groups of different sizes
Comparing groups of the same sizes
"Does one of the groups have more?
Matching quantities to numerals
Recording calculations beyond 10?

Counting, counting, counting.

"It's a number 3!"
"Number 3."
"I've got two!"
"Which has more?"
"4 and 4, they're the same."
Recording calculations!
Confident swinging!

Winter Is Coming!

Clearing up the leaves
"It's Mud soup!"
Sorting objects with everyone helping!
Lots of practising counting using 'sand hands'
Welcoming 'Cream' into the nursery today.

The last of the Belfairs Wood trips

Keeping together on the way to the wood
Holding hands, keeping safe.
Gloriously muddy puddles
Watching carefully as we shake the tree
Looking for creatures from the tree
Close observation
"Look what I found!"
"What are these?"
We found a badger statue...
and the Tree-Man!"
"Look at these shapes!"
All went a bit witchy back in the nursery!

More Belfairs Wood Adventures!

Keeping together on the path to the wood
Puddle jumping to the wood
Wading through the muddy puddles
Stand back and keep your eyes open!
"What can you see?"
"Found a spider!"
"Oh! Look what I got!"
"Look what I found!"
being developed.
"Look what we found!"
"We found a shelter!"
"Let's sit down here for a minute."
"Can you see the squirrel?"

Harvest Collection, Using Technology and Visiting Belfairs Wood

"This one says potatoes."
Sorting the tins into the right boxes for Harvest.
Sharing our resources
Welcome to the woods!
Walking through the puddles...
Looking out for bugs falling out of the trees.
Found the badger statue.
Quietly through the wood, 'What can you hear?'
Greeting the 'Tree-Man'
Time for a snack...
Climbing on logs is fun!
Homeward bound!

Autumn has arrived!

Harvesting the last of the tomatoes
Taking the tomato plants to the compost bin
In it goes!
Busy raking leaves in piles
More leaves here!
"Oh! Let's take a look in here!"
Careful observation skills
"Wow, it's big!"
Planting beans for next year
Careful planting going on
Newly planted beans need water
"There you go!"

Fishing, building and pizza!

Look what I caught!
More tinkering this week!
Exploring how high we can build with blocks
"Hey who wants the best pizza!"
Pizza anyone?
Do you want anymore?
Fancy a takeaway!

Busy, Busy, Busy Week

Exciting solar powered fountain!
A steady hand needed for this tinkering
Interesting way to learn numbers
Dinosaur world!
We've been counting this week
Lots of counting
"I'm three!"
Making interesting arrangements of shapes
Finding numbers in the garden
This calculator is a handy phone!
Making new friends
"I can reach it!"

Everyone settled by end of week 1. Well done everybody!

Excellent balancing on the soft play
Working together to move the soft cushions
Take a picture of me!
Making new friends on the play dough table
"I'm painting an ocean. This is a big wave."
Creating a track and sharing the trains
"A steam train, a carriage and this is a diesel!"
Exploring the abacus
"1 wheel, 2 wheel, 3 wheel....14 wheels!"
Harvesting the tomatoes
Bags packed and phone ready
"This is a long road!"
Ready for duty!
Creating a double decker bus
"We're going to the zoo!"
What can you see?
"I'm superman!"
Lots of concentration to pour from pot to kettle
Time for tea?
"A road for cars."