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Eco Council

Together We Can Make A Difference


The Eco-Council have met since our return to school this year to discuss their work and focus for the new academic year. They have chosen three main issues that they feel passionate about and want to improve as a school, all with a focus on sustainability.

1. Transport -  A school wide survey has given us an insight into how both our staff and children travel to school. The council have questioned whether people are choosing the most environmentally sustainable option available  to them and what they can do to help. We look forward to sharing our findings with you. 

2.Consumables -  As a busy school, we use lots of consumable items such as pens and paper. We have discussed the possible environmental impact this might have and want to be sure we are doing what we can to save unnecessary manufacturing and  plastics going to landfill.

3. Water usage -  We have reviewed the use of water, electricity and gas over the last two years and found an increase in the amount of water used. We have discussed why this might be a problem for our environment and agreed we should take action to limit any wastage.


In addition to the above, we are also working toward our latest 'Green Flag',  an award from the Eco Schools charity which recognises schools that share in children's passion for protecting the future of our environment. Watch this space...

Action! All electric outlets have been targeted. Turn it off when not in use!

Eco School Green Flag Award

Throughout the academic year we continued to work hard to ensure that we meet all of the criteria for an Eco-School. We used our action plan to make sure that the school uses less electricity, less single use plastic and more Fairtrade products in the kitchen. On the 26th January 2020 the Eco-School assessment took place. The Eco-Council talked to the assessor about everything that we were doing at our school, they also gave the assessor a tour of our school and spoke confidently about everything on our action plan. We are proud to announce that we successfully completed our sixth Eco-School assessment and achieved our Green Flag by demonstrating that we all care about our Earth. We have now proudly raised our new Eco-Flag  and look forward to keeping up the excellent work. 

Attracting Bio-Diversity in our School Grounds