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Eco Council

Together We Can Make A Difference

Spring Term 2020

This term we have been working hard to ensure that we can pass the Eco-Flag assessment.  This assessment will take place in January. We are using our Action Plan to make sure that the school uses less electricity, less single use plastic, more Fairtrade products in the kitchen, and more healthy lunch boxes.


Fingers crossed frown


We will keep you posted!


26 January 2020  The Eco-Flag Assessment took place.

Your Eco-Council talked to the assessor about everything we are doing at our school.  We gave the assessor a tour of the school, talking about all the things that are part of our Action Plan.


We think it went well smiley


Thanks to everyone in the school who showed the assessor that we all care about our Earth!


Congratulations!  We did it!

We have now successfully completed out sixth Eco-Flag Assessment.


We can't wait to raise our new Eco-Flag!

Keep up the good work everyone!


Autumn Term 2019

Attracting Bio-Diversity in our School Grounds

Eco-Council 2019-2020


Minutes of Eco-Council meeting 17 October 2019


We elected two new Eco-Councillors for this academic year.

We reviewed our Action Plan





Actions this term:

  • Build bug apartments in The Nook
  • Talk to Mr MacMeikan about building a bird hide in Crescent Corner
  • AN to send letter about Fairtrade to our new chef


AOB [Any other business]

We consulted the Thermal Imaging Report commissioned by the school that took place in September 2019 by some our Eco-Councillors.


[Although the heating performance of the school is 60% less than other typical schools, this school still uses too much electricity than other typical schools.]


Urgent Action Required


  • Eco-Councillors and other pupils and staff to ensure that radiators are not blocked by furniture in spaces.
  • Eco-Councillors and other pupils and staff to ensure that lights are dimmed or turned off when not being used.
  • Eco-Councillors and other pupils and staff to ensure all other electrical equipment is switched off when not being used.


Next meeting Thursday 14 November 2019

12:45pm in Phase 4



Summer Term 2019

Spring Term 2019


During the Spring Term the Eco-Council carried out an Environmental Review.

We looked at 10 different aspects with reference to the school and the school grounds:



Global Citizenship

Healthy Living



School Grounds




The Outcomes of the Environmental Review helped us to identify the 5 environmental targets for our Eco Action Plan.

Autumn Term 2018


The Eco-Council's aim for 2018-2019 is to reduce our use of electricity.

We are a pro-active Eco-Council and came prepared to share our ideas on how to reduce the school's electricity use. The 'Turn it off!' Campaign will be presented in a whole school assembly on 27 November 2018.

Teachers and pupils watch out! We Eco-warriors are on a mission!

Action! All electric outlets have been targeted. Turn it off when not in use!

Light switches targeted!
Overhead projectors targeted!
Computers targeted!
Monitors targeted!