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Pupil Leadership Team

At Barons Court our Year 6 pupils are selected by pupils and staff to represent their voice on the Pupil Leadership Team. This team consists of a Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl who meet with the Headteacher every Tuesday lunchtime.


The Pupil Leadership Team 2020-2021

Children have all worked hard on a challenging interview process. They have written excellent job applications and have undergone interviews by the Headteacher, Phase 4 Leader and the previous Pupil Leadership Team.

Our Pupil Leadership Team is: Jackson, Gabriele, Keeva and Hazel.

The New Pupil Leadership Team Introductions

Jackson - "Hello, my name is Jackson and I will be your head boy for this year. I am looking forward to this role and I’m excited to get started. I vow to help as many of the children as I can in Barons Court, so feel free to come and talk to me about any issues you might have. My idea is to expand  the outdoor learning and improve it for our school. Hopefully this will help us with the coronavirus! I want to encourage the school to do frequent litter picks in our community (and in our playground). This will  help our community and the environment as well."

Gabriele - "Hello, I am Gabriele - the new Deputy Head boy at Barons Court. This year I would like to bring more sports and outdoor learning, especially after all of the time we have had in lockdown. I want to encourage the school and the children to enjoy more art and creative lessons and I am looking forward to the year ahead."

Keeva - "I’m looking forward to being Head Girl and working with the PLT to become a good ambassador for the school. I’m also excited to share my legacy project with you, which is Barons Court Environmental Week 2021.I can't wait for all the exciting projects that we have planned this year." 

Hazel - "Hi, my name is Hazel  and I’m the 2020-2021 deputy head girl. I’ve been at Barons Court since nursery and have had lots of happy memories over the years. Inspired by lockdown clips on the television, I had the idea of a video time capsule. I also got the idea from the padlocks on the gate which the year six pupils did a few years back. My idea is that the next year six could make short videos about themselves, the happy memories they’ve had over the years and what they hope for the future (for example what job they want to have one day). Then we can view these videos in a few years time when we’re older. I think this school year is going to be great!"