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Pupil Leadership Team

At Barons Court our Year 6 pupils are selected by pupils and staff to represent their voice on the Pupil Leadership Team. This team consists of Head Pupils who meet with the Headteacher once a week. 


The Pupil Leadership Team 2023-2024

Children have all worked hard on a challenging interview process. They have written excellent job applications and have undergone interviews by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and the previous Pupil Leadership Team.

Our Pupil Leadership Team is: Jack, Edie, Aaliyah and Eliza.

The New Pupil Leadership Team Introductions

Jack - “Hello, I am Jack and I am excited about being Head Boy this year.  I have done many responsible things over the years so I think I was a great candidate for the job! Now that I am Head Boy I can't wait to work on all of the projects over the year ahead."
Edie - “Hello, my name is Edie and it's an honour to be a part of the new PLT as the new Head Girl.  I have been here at Barons Court since Nursery and I am really looking forward to this year. My idea is 'Magical Music Day' when anyone can enjoy music together  - I hope you all like my idea!"
Aaliyah - “I am Aaliyah and I am the new Deputy Head Girl here at Barons Court. I am in Hawthorn and I love sports, my favourite being swimming. I am part of the PLT  - it's amazing and I couldn't ask for more. I am really looking forward to working with all of the children and teachers."
Eliza - “Hello, I'm Eliza and I am the Deputy Head Girl at Barons Court. My idea for the school is Horrible History Day so that we can all have fun. I enjoy art, drama, Science and PE and love coming to this school, I can't wait to share my idea with everyone."



Pupil Leadership Team - School Development Project 1


The Pupil Leadership Team have been working extremely hard throughout the Autumn Term planning and organising our Horrible History Day across the school. The children looked at all of the Enquiry Curriculum Questions across all year groups and the key learning focuses so they can ensure this would enhance the History curriculum across our school. The following history themes were focused upon across the day:

  • Phase 1 - People who are significant and inspirational to me. 
  • Phase 2 - A significant person in history.
  • Phase 3 - Pre-Historic History.
  • Phase 4 - An Ancient Civilisation.


The pupil leadership team worked hard to create a quiz for all parents, staff and children across the school - they were really impressed with everyone's knowledge. The children also enjoyed a special lunch on the day as they had worked with Mrs Penney to create a history themed menu of Ancient Greek Pork Souvalki and stone boulder cakes! Children and staff across the school came dressed up in their period of history and we all had a wonderful day learning about our specific period of history.