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At Barons Court, our year six pupils apply for prefect roles that they are specifically interested in and the roles that they feel they can make a difference to across the whole school, once appointed. A mentor is one of the prefect roles and as a mentor the children work both internally; supporting our school community, and externally; supporting people in our local area. 


The 2020-2021 mentors are: Louelle (Head Mentor), Louie, Anna Mae, Charlie and Alfie. 

The mentors are very passionate about making a difference to many people in our community both inside and outside of the school gates. They are looking forward to engaging with the nursery children and teaching them new skills. As they cannot go into the nursery every week this year, the mentors have decided to research and resource activities for the nursery children to complete every two weeks. They will deliver the resources to the nursery and send a video message to the children to show them how to take part in their engaging new activities. 

"I think the children would love to make sock puppets. It will teach them how to carefully cut and stick and also how to be imaginative as they can use them to tell stories." Louie. 


The mentors also recognise that we have so many great care homes in our local area who work very hard. They would like to support the care homes across Westcliff and will be doing this by sending them video messages, stories, songs and activities this year. We are sure that the residents will really appreciate the thought and consideration and will enjoy virtually seeing the children regularly. 

"We would like the residents to know that people are thinking of them and care for them." Anna-Mae. 


This year the mentors are also looking to support schools in other countries. They will be setting up links with partner schools across the world and are looking forward to learning about different cultures, languages and ways of life. 

We are very proud to be committed to make a difference to people around us.