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‘Bold, Ambitious, Resilient, Open, Nurturing, Successful learners’

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Our Values and Aims

Curriculum Intent

At Barons Court our EYFS Curriculum Intent is for ‘All children to enter a safe and inviting space, immersed in language, awe and wonder. Our nature rich curriculum and environment inspires curiosity about the world around them and allows children to build upon prior learning through a collaborative approach. Children will go into their homes and community feeling animated about the inspiring and fun memories they have created together.’

At Barons Court the children are at the centre of everything we do. Through the ethos and learning experiences within our Phase 1 and 2 learning spaces we ensure that we:

  • Promote Togetherness and Relationships – Relationships are central to developing children’s acceptance, self-esteem and higher functioning thinking skills which contribute to positive learning and life outcomes. Through our learning approaches we embed meaningful interactions, social competence and building quality relationships to help all children feel secure; freeing them to explore, play and learn with others with care, empathy and respect. 
  • Promote Curiosity and Independence – Children are born eager to learn, they are curious by nature. Our learning environment allows children to satisfy their curiosity through safe, self-initiated and playful exploration which allows learning to occur naturally. As children investigate, their experiences enhance their emotional, social, intellectual, physical and ethical development. 
  • Create Warmth and Calm – Happy, calm children learn best. A calm child is able to focus and maintain control – making decisions and choices, responding appropriately to interactions from others and remembering things that have been interesting and exciting. Within our learning spaces we ensure children have the time and space to use their imagination in self chosen activities and in unhurried ways in order to reflect and develop their full potential. 


Our Phase 1 and 2 consists of three year groups, Nursery, Reception and Year 1. In Nursery we offer a morning session (8.45am-11.45am) and an afternoon session (12.30pm-3.30pm). Our Phase 1 and 2 team work closely together to plan exciting opportunities and learning activities. 

Enabling Environments

At Barons Court Primary School and Nursery we acknowledge that Enabling Environments should value all people and all learning and our staff strive to offer: 

  • Stimulating resources, relevant to all the children’s cultures and communities. 
  • Rich learning opportunities through play and playful teaching. 
  • Support for children to take risks and explore. 


We recognise that the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending the children’s development. Our Phase 1 and Phase 2 learning environments are neutral, engaging and provide curiosity. We plan the environment to cater for the needs of all children so that we are able to create thinkers, problem solvers and independent learners. There are planned opportunities to acquire knowledge about the world around them and apply this to new situations through a strong connection with nature and children have access to outdoor learning through continuous provision.