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The Teaching of Humanities Subjects

At Barons Court we aim to provide our children with a humanities curriculum which enables them to become confident, creative and independent learners who can explore the use of different knowledge and skills throughout our enquiry based curriculum. Our humanities curriculum encompasses the subjects of History, Geography, Religious Education, PSHE and French and children experience a range of learning which supports them to become responsible citizens, understanding their role in protecting our world and environment and knowing how they can cause positive change and development as they grow. We seek to broaden children’s real life experiences both inside and outside of school through trips, exploration and discovery. Within their learning children acquire a range of knowledge and skills across the humanities curriculum which they can then apply to other subjects in a variety of different contexts.  Our progressive curriculum maps within the humanities subjects provide children with the excitement to explore a diverse range of places, cultures and people both within their local and global community. Please click on our curriculum maps below to see the learning experiences of children at Barons Court across the humanities curriculum.


At Barons Court children are taught an understanding of the past on a local, national and international scale, through learning about the impact of significant people and events which have shaped our world today. Children investigate and explore a range of sources such as photographs, stories, historical writing and artefacts and are encouraged to ask and answer perceptive questions, think critically, consider evidence, develop opinions and make judgements to aid their understanding. The use of careful and varied research, evidence and fieldwork are critical in developing good historical knowledge and understanding and our children are provided with regular opportunities to explore their local area through direct experience and first hand investigation as well as placing their learning in a personal context.  


The teaching of Geography at Barons Court provides children with an understanding of the local, national and international environments, through instilling an interest and desire to investigate a variety of places and geographical patterns through purposeful research and careful questioning – this supports children in understanding their place in the world and our local community. Children explore a variety of sources such as primary and secondary data, maps, diagrams and pictures so that they are confident in asking and answering questions with an appreciation of diversity and difference. At Barons Court we recognise that in order for children to become experts they need to be taught geographical skills and be given the opportunity to feed their curiosity through a real life understanding of the world around them using a range of fieldwork skills, educational visits, visitors and investigation.  We believe that children learn best when they are inspired by a real purpose.

Religious Education

At Barons Court we teach the Southend Syllabus for RE which allows pupils to increase their knowledge and understanding of a variety of religions and cultures developing empathy with different people and their beliefs around the world.  Diversity is celebrated at Barons Court, allowing pupils to share experiences and learn from each other so that all pupils leave us equipped for living in the wider world. Children study the main beliefs and festivals of the major world religions, examine artefacts and visit local places of worship, in turn developing a secure understanding and empathy with different cultures and beliefs both locally and globally. At Barons Court we strongly believe that RE contributes to children’s personal and social development and well-being by promoting mutual respect and tolerance. It encourages all children to learn from religions, whilst reflecting on their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions.  Through our enquiry based curriculum we place a strong emphasis on teaching RE in ways which will challenge children, engage their interest and curiosity and develop their capacity for critical thinking so that they are able to reflect on big questions about life and spirituality – informing their own ideas of their place in the world.


At Barons Court we recognise that PSHE is an important, integral component of the whole curriculum, it is central to our approach and at the core of our ethos. Within our school our PSHE enquiry curriculum provides a range of opportunities for children to make links to other areas of learning, both within school and beyond, and provides opportunities to explore a wide range of social, moral and cultural contexts so that the children can lead confident, healthy, independent lives as informed, active and responsible citizens. Our PSHE curriculum is enquiry based, fully inclusive and meets the needs of all learners, starting from the building of strong foundations in our EYFS through to supporting and challenging children on their journey to being secondary school ready, and ultimately ensuring that they are equipped with the cultural capital, skills and knowledge they need to succeed. As a school, we strongly believe that by increasing children’s awareness and knowledge of the world around them and providing opportunities to develop their understanding, empathy, respect, fairness and acceptance of themselves and others, as well as providing them with a safe forum and confidence to ask questions, our children will be able to navigate their lives through making positive life choice which allows them to flourish and succeed.

Modern Foreign Languages – French

We follow the National Curriculum for Languages, selecting French as our chosen language. Learning another language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience and we aim to provide a high-quality languages curriculum which fosters pupils’ curiosity and deepens the children’s understanding of the world, bringing them a new perspective and encouraging them to understand their own cultures and those of others. Our French curriculum will begin to prepare children to participate in a rapidly changing world in which work and other activities are often carried out in languages other than English. The rise of international commerce means that children need to be equipped with the skills needed by the international workplace and our children are provided with opportunities to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to a new language, both in speech and in writing. As a school we are linked with a French school and we have the wonderful opportunity to write to children in France which enriches the children’s experiences and understanding.