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Views of our School

At Barons Court Primary School and Nursery we value the views of all of our community. Throughout the school year we ask for feedback from parents and pupils on what we are doing well and for improvements that can be made to make us even better.

Views of our Pupils


“Barons Court is a great school, because it is a small school - you get to know everybody and the adults have really helped me and shaped my future – I am really grateful for that!” – Year 6 pupil.


“We learn so much in our school, the lessons really provide great tips for our future, they really understand me and have taught me valuable things in PSHE.” – Year 6 pupil.


“A real strength of our school is outdoor learning and working in mixed year groups – this helps build our understanding of community.” – Year 5 pupil.


What we did in response to last years feedback:


Following our pupil survey in July 2020 we listened and actioned the views of our pupils.  

"We would like more opportunities for cooking within the curriculum." As a school we devised our Food Technology curriculum which provided greater experiences for children to learn to cook, both within the kitchen environment and the outdoors. Throughout the new 2021-2022 year, we will continue to implement our cookery lessons and learn the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

"We would like some more games in the playground at lunchtimes." Throughout the year we worked with the PLT and the School Council to plan and design some new areas within our playground. We have ensured that there are a variety of different zones within our playground for us all to enjoy.

What our pupils want us to do this year (2021-2022):

Following our pupil survey in July 2021 our children have asked us to reflect on their suggestions. They have asked us:

“We would like a larger open learning space for Year 6 children. During the pandemic we had to learn in the hall and this helped us to concentrate, although we did miss our Year 4 and 5 friends so we don’t want to be totally on our own!” As a school we have redesigned the Treetops learning space and have now created a large open plan learning space called ‘The Canopy’ – this enables Year 6 to work in the space in the morning and then link back with their friends in Year 4 and 5 for their afternoon sessions.

“We would like some more equipment and creative spaces in the playground at lunchtimes.” This year our School Council will be working on creating a new playground design which will be shared with the whole school community. The re-design and building project will then take place next summer. In the meantime, we have purchased new equipment and have our Bird Hut and Chalkboards to enjoy!

Views of our Parents

Ofsted's Parent View site allows parents to answer a range of questions in order to monitor how the school is performing. Please create an account and let Ofsted know how we're doing. You can also view what other parents have said. 



“The school builds a great community, there is always such a good feeling across the school from the leadership team to the whole staff, this just makes the children love coming to school and having fun!”


“The school has a friendly, supporting atmosphere – staff are very welcoming and the school really looks after the children –the school is an important part of our local community and is valued by everyone.”


“At Barons Court there is specialist support for SEND children especially through the speech and communication service. SEND pupils make great progress in a relatively short amount of time which illustrates the care and attention staff give to specific needs.”


What we did in response to last years feedback:

Following our parent survey in July 2020 we listened and actioned the views of our parents.  

Including a few more school trips within the academic year -  Parents asked the school to implement a wider variety of trips for the children. We have reviewed our provision and throughout the year every phase will now enjoy school trips in addition to our year group residential experiences. 

Providing more opportunities for parents to visit the school and learn how to support their child's progress rather than just at learning conferences - We planned and implemented a number of different experiences for parents throughout the academic year, however unfortunately these were held virtually. It was wonderful to see so many families enjoying our Family Quiz Night and our online parent workshops and of course attending our daily online remote lessons for all of the children. We have planned a programme of parental workshops for the current academic year and look forward to welcoming parents to both our online and face-to-face adult learning sessions.

Creating more space and implementing more games for the children at playtimes - Throughout the year we worked with the PLT and the School Council to plan and design some new areas within our playground. Different zones within the playground ensure a wide choice of activities for all children to enjoy at playtimes and lunchtimes.

What our parents want us to do this year (2021-2022):

Following our parent survey in July 2021 our parents have asked us to reflect on their suggestions. They have asked us to:

“Can you please review the homework so that Phase 4 pupils have study books rather than the Creative Learning Menus for more formal homework?” This academic year we have reintroduced study learning books for all children in Phase 4 with a focus on Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. Children within Phase 1 and 2 enjoy creative learning homework which they share with their teachers and friends.

“Can after school clubs continue to be run until 5.30pm like the model in place for keyworker children last year?” This year we are continuing to run our after school clubs until 5.30pm for three days a week. Parents are welcome to look at our clubs information page on our school website to sign up for the clubs we offer each term.