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Beach School

Beach School


As an extension to all the other learning opportunities that we offer the children at our Nursery, we have Beach School. Through going to the beach children will gain a sense of value for the natural world as well as a sense of responsibility for their environment.  Through these important learning experiences, children will develop confidence, physical and emotional strength and self esteem, as well as use the natural environment to learn about the world around them.

Mrs Williams and her team  will take a small group of children to the local beach to experience a range of carefully planned activities.  Any parents or carers willing to volunteer to support Beach Day is always appreciated.  Please let any member of the Nursery staff know.

Once the children are settled in Nursery, the visits to the beach begin (around October time) and span the whole year (except the second half of the summer term). The Nursery has waterproof suits for wet weather as well as hats, gloves and warm socks to go inside wellies.  Children will need a pair of wellington boots that fit them.

Safety is paramount and the adult/child ratio is low enough to enable staff to work and supervise children appropriately. 

During these visits a wide range of stimulating activities take place which enrich children’s learning. Initially children are given time to explore the surrounding environment, priority is given to group discussions regarding boundaries, dangers and safety which are paramount to learning safely.  Staff carefully observe how children are learning through their individual interests and will scaffold and plan for their future development, stretching and stimulating curiosity.


We want our children to: 

  • Feel safe, secure and happy in the outdoor environment.
  • Develop a sense of care and thoughtfulness for their environment.
  • Become confident, independent and strong, and have time to develop their exploratory and creative drive.
  • Be inquisitive, to ask questions and find their own answers and create their own meaning.


As adults we will:

  • Observe how children play and learn outdoors and be thoughtful about how we might offer skills and resources to support children’s learning and interests.
  • Listen to children's thoughts about their experiences on the beach and plan for their learning needs.


‘This is the best kind of classroom,

Where the seasons don’t happen in books,

Where the learning is watching and thinking and talking,

And everyone notices, everyone looks.’  Ian MacMillan