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As a school, we encourage strong parental partnerships with our school staff.  Staff are available at the start and end of the school day to discuss any issues. Parents can first make contact with their child’s home group teacher who are always happy to help. Parents, who due to work or other commitments, do not get the opportunity to meet with their child's home group teacher on a regular basis in the playground are encouraged to e-mail the school or telephone to make a convenient appointment.


The following school staff are available as line managers for their phase:

Mrs A. Ekins - Early Years Leader. (Nursery and Reception children)

Miss A. Northwood - Key Stage 1 Leader. (Year 1 and Year 2 children)

Miss S. Richardson – Key Stage 2 Leader. (Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 children) 

Mrs E. Jones – SENCO – Mrs Jones is available to discuss matters regarding specific learning needs.

Mr P. Andrews - Pastoral Manager - Mr Andrews is available to discuss matters regarding specific pastoral needs, such as support with attendance.

Mrs J. Turner – Learning Mentor – Mrs Turner is always available at the start and end of each school day on the playground, or throughout the school day if you wish to arrange an appointment.

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Senior Management Team

Mrs Julia Jones


Miss Sarah Richardson

Deputy Headteacher, Key Stage 2 Leader, Curriculum Manager

Mrs Andrea Ekins

EYFS Leader,  Humanities Leader

Miss Ava Northwood

Key Stage 1 Leader, P.E. Leader

Mr Phil Andrews Pastoral Manager


Teaching and Learning Staff



Learning Support Staff

Phase 1 and 2

Mrs Andrea Ekins (Senior Management Team)

Miss Anna Favier (Humanities)

Mrs Amanda Williams (Design Technology)

Mrs Rhian Devine (P.E.)

Mrs Natalie Burrows (M.F.L.)

Ms Joanna Hume, Nursery Nurse

Mrs Karen Liesching-Schroder, Nursery Assistant

Ms Karen Cuillo, Nursery Assistant

Mrs Gemma Simpson, LSA

Miss Sarah Robinson, LSA

Mrs Verity Chilcott, LSA

Mrs Emily King, LSA




Phase 3

Miss Ava Northwood (Senior Management Team)

Mrs Michelle James(Science)

Miss Natalie Taylor (Art)

Ms Tamara Maloney, LSA

Mrs Ann Todd, LSA

Mrs Jacky Gravatt, LSA





Phase 4

Miss Sarah Richardson (Deputy Headteacher)

Mr Phil Andrews (Senior Management Team)

Mr Alex Thornton (Computing)

Mrs Nicola Obee (PSHE)

Mrs Chris Davies, LSA

Mrs Kim Denny, LSA

Miss Imogen Chandler, LSA





Outdoor Learning Team


Mr Tim Creighton

Outdoor Learning Leader

Mrs Jenny Lamb Swimming Teacher


Pastoral Support Team


Mrs Emma Jones SENCO

Mrs Jo Turner

Learning Mentor

Mrs Heather Anderson

EAL Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dawn Challis

Play Therapist


Administrative Support


Mrs José Parson

Office Manager

Mrs Alison Overton

Finance Manager

Mrs Sam Poole

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Caroline Trace Administrative Assistant


Catering Team


Mrs Elizabeth Fearon

Catering Manager

Miss Cheryle Penney

Assistant Cook

Mrs Tanya Atkinson

Catering Assistant


Play Leaders

Mrs Michelle Judd

Mrs Jo Turner

Mrs Gemma Simpson

Miss Sarah Robinson

Mrs Victoria Hollick

Mrs Shiully Ahmed

SUFC Coaching Team  


Premises Team


Mrs Stephanie Lee – Premises Manager

Ms Maxine Brandon

Mr Stephen Macmeikan


Safeguarding Statement

Safeguarding children at Barons Court Primary School and Nursery is the responsibility of everyone. The staff in our school have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. This duty is placed upon schools by Section 175 of the Education Act 2002. This means that we have a trained Designated Lead Professional for Child Protection. In our school this is Mrs Julia Jones (Headteacher) and in her absence Miss Sarah Richardson (Deputy Headteacher).

Our Safeguarding Governor is Dr. Maria Caunce.


If we are concerned that a child may be at risk from significant harm (abuse) or is being abused, the school is required to refer their concerns to Social Care and to the Police if necessary. In some circumstances this may happen without the consent or knowledge of parents/carers. The school also has a responsibility to act upon other concerns that they may have about a child’s welfare in circumstances where there are no suspicions of child abuse. E.g. this may be when a child is demonstrating inappropriate behaviour, is involved in bullying, is failing to come to school or where difficulties at home are having an effect upon the child’s well-being. However, this list is by no means exhaustive. Our school Safeguarding Policy explains all the above in much more detail. If you would like to see the full policy request a paper copy from the school office. The school’s policy for Safeguarding follows the agreed procedures and guidance for schools issued by the Southend’s Local Safeguarding Children Board.