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Views Of Our School

At Barons Court Primary School and Nursery we value the views of all of our community. Throughout the school year we ask for feedback from parents and pupils on what we are doing well and for improvements that can be made to make us even better.

Views of our pupils

Following our recent pupil survey in July 2016 we have outlined the actions that we will be implementing in the forthcoming year following our detailed analysis.

  1. "We would like you to make our homework more exciting and fun" -  We are currently working with our Pupil Leadership Team members to create different opportunities and experiences through our homework focuses.
  2. "We would like to do more investigations in our learning across the curriculum" -   As a school we will continue to review our curriculum to ensure all children have the opportunity to apply their learning in real life situations.
  3. "We really enjoyed organising the Health Week and would like the opportunity to do more fundraising for our school and choose what we spend it on" - The Pupil Leadership Team will be working with the Fundraising prefects and pupils to consider new and exciting ways to fundraise effectively for both the school and wider community. 


What we did in response to last year’s feedback:

  1. "We would like more practice in preparing us for sports events" - Throughout the year we developed a programme of clubs to help teams practice for sporting events and we ensured our PE curriculum map was closely linked to borough tournaments. This meant improved participation and achievements at the vast majority of tournaments this year.
  2. "We would like to develop outdoor learning skills within other lessons such as Maths and English" - As a school we reviewed our outdoor learning provision and curriculum mapping and introduced our new outdoor learning scheme in September 2015. All children had the opportunity to use their local area and beyond on a regular basis to enhance learning in other curriculum subjects.
  3. "We would like you to review the food options available at lunchtime" - The Pupil Leadership Team worked with our Governors and Orchard Bistro staff to design our school menus each term, which lead to the creation of our 'Around the World Tuesday' and baguette options at lunchtime.

Views of our Parents

Ofsted's Parent View site allows parents to answer a range of questions in order to monitor how the school is performing. Please create an account and let Ofsted know how we're doing. You can also view what other parents have said. 

Following our recent parent survey in July 2016 we have outlined the actions that we will be implementing in the forthcoming year following our detailed analysis.

1. To continue to enhance the variety of clubs for all pupils with the view to running clubs as further extended provision - The school is currently reviewing club provision and hopes to implement an extended club on three evenings each week.

2. To review the annual report and provide clear academic targets with a further parents evening implemented in the summer term to review progress - An open evening to evaluate children's outcomes at the end of the year will be implemented with the parent council reviewing the current pupil annual report format.

3. Providing a wider variety of workshops and parent information sessions in the evening- The school is currently reviewing its parent workshop programme for the academic year and all events are published on the calendar tab of the website, providing all events for the year ahead.


What we did in response to last year’s feedback:

1. Provide a wider variety of clubs which are non-academic/sport focused which promote emotional and social development - Throughout the year we have provided a wide variety of different extra-curricular activities which enhance social and emotional development. This year has seen the introduction of such clubs as signing, survival, lego, gardening and Larks clubs. These clubs have continued to be a popular choice for children throughout the academic year.

2. Provide swimming lessons for Reception children - During the summer term we introduced our swimming lessons for Reception children and we really appreciate the commitment of our Trustess to ensure that all the money which was raised by our community at fundraising events was used effectively to heavily subsidise the swimming for all pupils again this year.

3. Communicating expectations of homework more clearly to enable support at home - This academic year we have reviewed our homework policy with clear expectations of homework within each phase, this has been available to all parents via the school website. In the Autumn and Spring term we also held Monday coffee afternoons for parents to provide an opportunity for teachers to answer questions regarding homework. With the introduction of our Singapore Maths programme we have also shared our school calcuation policy and run a wide variety of workshops.

4. Reviewing the children's preparation for sports tournaments - Clubs and extra-curricular activities throughout the year have reflected the sporting tournaments we have entered as a school. This year we have improved our performance at a vast majority of sporting events and have made an Essex final for the second year running as well as being awarded the annual award of the most improved school within PE across Southend.